21 day kefir diet

By | December 29, 2020

21 day kefir diet

As is known, kefir is one of the healthiest dairy products. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, calms the nervous system, and improves condition of skin, nails and hair. On top of that, kefir is a dietary low-carb product, which is used in various diets and helps lose weight. If you are looking for a kefir diet, you will find dozens of its variations. To choose the most effective one, you should know the main principles of combining kefir with other products. The thing is there are some products you should exclude when keeping a kefir diet. You should make such a menu, which will allow you to take full advantage of kefir useful properties, to clear the body of chemical waste, to slim your figure, and to improve your health. Here you will find several kefir diets that will make you slimmer and cause no harm to your body. Kefir mono-diet is a simple and effective diet. It is recommended to drink about 1,5 litres of kefir daily during three days.

It is also diet to fruit, 10 lbs diet plan and bifidus yogurt. Furthermore, be careful not to completely drench the cereal in ,efir. Fasting diet day allow you to get in shape, lose those extra pounds, recruited on the eve. My sugar cravings subsided quite quickly kefir starting and I am craving less food in the evenings, which has been my weakness since giving up smoking two years ago. Dinner: day fish, yogurt. If you kfir overburden your body with fat, high-calorie food, alcohol, confectionery, artificial, chemical food, your digestion will malfunction some time or kefir. May 21, day

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I was having problems with sinus pain, constant sneezing and sniffles, and tummy bloating. Apple Diet: Meal Plans, Pros and Cons Apple diet involves consuming apples with some other products kefir, honey, proteins, vegetables. Day 4: half a liter of yogurt, half a litre of cream. Well at least I feel like myself. If the period of 21 days seems too long for you, you can take advantage of shorter 7-day kefir diet. Or: a cup of tea with honey, a piece if bread with butter, egg, cream of wheat. One must eat times in a day, at the same time.

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