Autoimmune diet coconut milk spinach smoothie recipe

By | April 24, 2021

autoimmune diet coconut milk spinach smoothie recipe

This post contains affiliate links. Matcha is by far my favorite tea! Not only is matcha great in lattes, but it actually makes a tasty smoothie as well! Most smoothies use milk and yogurt to make them creamy, but this dairy-free smoothie uses coconut milk or almond milk and avocado! There are a lot of matcha brands out there, and not all are created equal when it comes to quality and flavor. I prefer the brand ippodo matcha for recipes like this! But of course, you can simply use whichever matcha powder is your favorite if you already have a brand you love.

I like adding grass-fed collagen to my smoothies. Luckily, red velvet flavors are not! Thanks in advance! This is the best tropical green smoothie ever. Good luck! Balsamic vinegar and pears create a wonderful taste in this AIP smoothie recipe, but with avocado and cinnamon, it makes a super healthy smoothie that will leave your taste buds crying for more. Salad in a cup, you can take it on the go. Pineapple, mango, banana and spinach with a touch of honey and vanilla extract make this fruity beverage delicious and super healthy.

If you or a family member are dealing with a leaky gut, you may find relief from drinking one of these delicious AIP Smoothie Recipes Paleo and Vegan. One of my favorite ways to help restore the gut and soothe inflammation is to eat foods that are anti-inflammatory and rich in essential gut-friendly nutrients and probiotics. Below is a list of AIP smoothie recipes we love because they are easy to make and have plenty of gut-friendly ingredients! To help restore the gut and body, you must pay close attention to your diet. Many people with leaky gut will experience pain and inflammation. If you are one, be sure to check out my list of smoothies for inflammation and pain. If you were recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and are following the autoimmune protocol, or if you are just beginning to add green smoothie recipes into your diet, it can be hard to adjust to the flavor of recipes containing leafy green vegetables. You can also add your favorite plant protein powders to this recipe like hemp protein, to boost the amino acid profile.

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