Grain free diet bodybuilding

By | January 20, 2021

grain free diet bodybuilding

Learn why a noted cardiologist believes wheat is what we really need to whack from our diet in order to shape up. Name: Dr. William Davis Occupation: Cardiologist, blogger, and writer Website: These were the “Wild West” days when angioplasty and related procedures made their way into hospitals, with surgical implements, drills, and ballooning devices serving as the six-shooters. Davis knew he also shared risk factors affecting his patients. He heard Dr. Dean Ornish speak at an American College of Cardiology meeting, where Ornish claimed to reverse coronary heart disease with an extreme low-fat diet. So Davis followed suit. He banished meat and added vegetable oils, and relied on “healthy” whole grains. He also began daily 5-mile jogs along the Chagrin River near his Cleveland home. Much to his chagrin, he gained pounds—30, to be exact.

From gluten-free pizza to gluten-free brownie mix, our fascination with gluten-free anything has taken off over the past few years. But is gluten really that bad for you? See what the science pros have to say about going gluten-free! These days, it’s nearly impossible to walk into a grocery store or eat at a restaurant without seeing specialty menus and displays carrying gluten-free items. Yes, that’s great news for people with celiac disease, who have an abnormal immune response to gluten, but what about the rest of us? Why are so many people without celiac disease opting for gluten-free products? It’s estimated that about one percent of Americans have celiac disease. Others may suffer from a wheat allergy, or a sensitivity to gluten—oftentimes linked with irritable bowel syndrome IBS —and may opt for a diet with less gluten to reduce symptoms associated with gastrointestinal GI distress. However, these conditions only account for a small percentage of the population, so why are we so obsessed with everything gluten-free? And, perhaps more importantly, do we need to be? Let’s take a closer look.

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Coeliac disease is an auto-immune disease where antibodies attack the lining of the small intestine. For more detailed information of Coeliac disease and for a standard meal plan please see Meal Plan for Coeliac Disease. Coeliacs need to follow a gluten-free diet; gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. Coeliacs and people with dermatitis herpetiformis — a skin condition also caused by gluten intolerance, who should follow a similar diet need to completely exclude gluten from their diet; even minute amounts can case symptoms. Specially produced gluten-free bread, flour, biscuits and pasta are available. Bodybuilders aim is to gain muscle and strength without additional bodyfat.

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