Keto diet and LPR

By | February 15, 2021

keto diet and LPR

I struggle with a sore throat everyday,I have a constant burning in my upper abdomen. David Gray. Tracy Davenport, Ph. A quick-fix diet will rarely lead to lasting weight loss changes, and, like in the case of the keto diet, it may even make your reflux symptoms worse. I would ask your doctor about slowly titrating down your dose of antacids since you have a hernia. Please note that due to the high volume it can take us several days before we can approve and reply to your comment. And boost your energy as well.

Share Follow us If television commercials for prescription and over-the-counter antacids are any indication, acid reflux has reached epidemic proportions. Stomach acid has launched an all-out attack on people’s digestion and quality of life, inching its way up into the esophagus and causing the pain and irritation commonly referred to as “heartburn. Why does it cause so much trouble for so many people? For the people who suffer from acid reflux, finding a natural remedy would be most welcome, because reflux can make eating — one of life’s simple pleasures and joys — into a painful experience people dread. With this in mind, might there be a role for a ketogenic diet in addressing reflux? It appears that ameliorating GERD and acid reflux has less to do with what you put in your mouth — antacids — and more to do with what you don’t put in your mouth: large amounts of carbohydrate. If you’re living with discomfort and reduced quality of life from acid reflux, and food has gone from a pleasure to a pain, consider trying a low-carb or ketogenic diet. You’ve got nothing to lose except maybe a few excess pounds, your reflux, and perhaps even your antacid prescription. If you’ve been on prescription antacids for a significant length of time, it is not advised to quit them cold-turkey. Find a physician who can help you get started with a low-carb approach and wean off your medication safely. Owing to the high incidence of acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD, stomach acid has gotten a bad reputation.

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