Keto diet as related to auto immune disease

By | April 4, 2021

keto diet as related to auto immune disease

Gut microbiota GM is a key contributor to host metabolism and physiology. Data generated on comparing diseased and healthy subjects have reported changes in the GM profile between both health states, suggesting certain bacterial composition could be involved in pathogenesis. Moreover, studies reported that reshaping of GM could contribute actively to disease recovery. KD, understood in a broad sense, refers to whatever dietetic approximation, which causes physiological ketosis. Involved biological mechanisms in ketotherapeutic effects are still to be unravelled. In fact, germ-free animals were resistant to ketotherapeutic effects; reinforcing keto microbiota may be a powerful contributor to host disease recovery. In this review, we will comment the influence of gut microbiota on host, as well as, therapeutic potential of ketogenic diets and keto microbiota to restore health status. Current progress and limitations will be argued too. In spite of few studies have defined applicability and mechanisms of KD, in the light of results, keto microbiota might be a new useful therapeutic agent. Gut microbiota constitute a complex and dynamic ecosystem formed by bacteria, archaea, viruses, and fungi [ 1 ]. However, bacteria are the most studied [ 1 ].

A healthy immune system protects from harmful viruses, bacteria and certain agents that cause minor to severe illnesses. When you eat right, engage in regular exercise and nourish your body with essential vitamins and nutrients, you prevent the development of autoimmune diseases. Although modern lifestyle factors such as environmental toxins and excessive stress from work make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are eight ways you can do to protect yourself from these harmful conditions. Eating healthy foods reduces inflammation, balances your hormones and promotes proper digestion. When you consume flora, your gut heals and solves nutritional deficiency. With a fully functioning digestive system and stable hormones, you may easily avoid or treat any autoimmune disease. Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that affects the intestines. The standard treatment for this is avoiding gluten food. If your condition worsens, doctors recommend steroids and other dangerous drugs to suppress further harm to your immune system. If you are currently under treatment, however, you may minimize the harmful effects of the disease by following a gluten-free diet such as Paleo. She underwent a recommended day reset where she was advised to avoid grains, dairy, beans and legumes, potatoes, corn, rice, soy, yeast, sugars and artificial sweeteners, refined seed oils, alcohol and food additives. Her diet only contained fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, pasture-raised meat and poultry, seafood, sweet potatoes, nuts and healthy oils such as avocado, olive and coconut oil.

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