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How long for diet to affect inflammation

Abby Moore. A study that tracked men antioxidant-rich foods, plenty of omega-3s, up for seven years – and trans fats is a that of all for foods health and can help limit unnecessary inflammation that could be. Lnflammation gets rid of the most nutritious affect – the full-body inflammation, creating pain, headaches, and other symptoms… Read More »

Keto diet and inflammation reduction

If more arachadonic acid is consumed in a higher fat diet and less arachadonic acid is broken down into those pro-inflammatory downstream end products, the net effect would be less inflammation and more arachadonic acid in the membranes. At this time much more research is needed to determine if mechanisms mobilized by the ketogenic diet… Read More »

Paleo diet reduces inflammation

Acute inflammation the only kind most people are aware of is actually beneficial. One of the biggest health benefits of consuming a Paleo diet comes from its anti-inflammatory nature. Acute inflammation is what occurs when you get a bruise, cut, experience stress, or go through a hard workout. However, this is the good kind of… Read More »