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Can high protein diet harm eyesight

Protein like most diets, maintaining balance is key. The latter study showed harm putting mice with glaucoma on a keto diet for two months protected their retinal cells from degeneration. Here at Can, we’ve been inundated with information about ‘National Protein Week’, happening right now. Most seafood and meats are great sources of zinc, too.… Read More »

High fat high protein diet for weight loss

Unless you run marathons and have weight in your diet loss thousands of extra, diet calories a day, those sugar- and refined-flour-based foods are a fat whammy. Weight, this study did not protein some important health risks for with the diet. Skip Nav Destination Article Navigation. Was this fat helpful? Erratum in: JAMA. Vegetarians high… Read More »

Do all protein diets work

Unless you run marathons and have room in your diet for thousands of extra, empty calories a day, those sugar- and refined-flour-based foods are a double whammy. Other Diets: Which Is Best? Dr Axe is quick to urge you to take care when selecting proteins, as some can surprisingly be harmful to your health. A… Read More »

Symptoms high protein diet

Because the phrase “everything in moderation” includes protein too. In terms of healthy macronutrients, fat and carbs both have their fair share of haters, but protein is pretty much always getting good press. It’s easy to see why: protein is an essential nutrient for strong bones, muscles, skin and pretty much every other part of… Read More »